About Us

OneDrive, a subsidiary of H2O Ventures Istanbul is a professional cloud hosting solutions company operating since September 2013.onedrive

At H2O, we are actively providing software and hardware services to a wide range of blue-chip companies in Turkey specifically the e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, defense & aerospace, agriculture, mining and entertainment industries. Having planned to upgrade our IT capabilities since 2011 to better serve ourclients, we decided to bring together our cloud hosting solutions under the OneDrive brand.

Our infrastructure are located at FlatOfis Istanbul and our Services include dedicated servers, virtualization and cloud solutions powered by VMware, Hyper-V or Xen Hypervisors, colocation and tailor-made IT infrastructure solutions.

As a recently established brand, our goal at OneDrive is to become your infrasturture Solution Partner for your tailor-made requirements and projects.

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